Netizen Posts – On Checkpoints for “eating while driving”

Recent Comments On regarding Operation R.A.I.D. (Remove Aggressive, Impaired and Distracted drivers from Kentucky Roadways), which starts this month, will remain active for one year.

By TruthJusticeAndTheAmericanWay!

Unconstitutional “check-points” such as these are where boycotts, strikes, and paper ballot recall elections will have the most profound effect! Violence and threats of violence as are clearly articulated in the comments below are entirely counterproductive to fixing the nation.

We can boycott from home, no conflict necessary. We can strike from home, no picketing necessary. We can take a walk to our local voting poll, no biggie. No court visits. No tax payments. No purchases. No monthly payments. Nothing. Just pure and simple lack of consent. We do not consent to totalitarianism. If they shut off the water, power, and communications…so what. They’ll do it in the long run anyways! Let’s do this now while we still have the resources in place to survive this despotism!

Furthermore, law enforcement should be looking for illegal aliens and turn them over to the feds for deportation or turn in their badges in protest as illegal aliens have entered the country illegally (felony), depressed the wage market by taking a job without having the right to work in this country (felony), use fake names and fake social security numbers (felonies), they adversely effect access to housing in many ways and are a direct cause of joblessness and then homelessness (they stole jobs many Americans want to do…janitorial, painting, construction, automotive, etc., etc. etc., an act of sabotage and war), they have put a huge stress on the entire infrastructure to undermine it (an act of sabotage and war), they form gangs and organized crime syndicates that oppress even their own people as well as us (multiple felonies, an act of sabotage and war), …the list goes on and on and on… If law enforcement is not demanding justice collectively in this regard, and are choosing to violate our rights instead (treason and war crimes and genocide…people are dying out on the street due to illegal immigration), they should be held accountable for giving aid and comfort to domestic and foreign enemies — treason, war crimes, and genocide. …

Thou shalt not covet… The illegals and rouge law enforcement covet our earnings, homes, land, and resources.

Thou shalt not steal… The illegals and rouge law enforcement are stealing our jobs, earnings, and homes working in concert with domestic and foreign enemies.

Thou shalt not kill… Death after death a result of the above.

How’s about opening up an investigation into fast food companies that are poisoning the population? …fraud and theft via false advertising, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, murder, …treason, war crimes and genocide…

Our best course of action at this point-in-time:

2-weeks, 2-months. Two weeks announcing a nationwide boycott, strike, and paper ballot recall election to disempower the treasonous oath breakers. One month prepping to take off from work and school during the second month. During the second month, we boycott, strike, and do paper ballot recall elections, put the treasonous monsters in prison, start the clean-up, done. Self-governance via the Ten Commandments.

“We have staked the whole future of American civilization not on the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” James Madison

Any other actions (protests, civil unrest, bank runs, armed rebellions) will result in mass casualties and the evil talmuds will remain empowered. They are clearly at the end of their rope based on all this feeble fear mongering and oppression, they obviously now trying to turn us against law enforcement, law enforcement against us, all to trigger civil unrest and an armed rebellion. If you’ve got a better plan than what I’ve suggested, let’s hear it!

After we take back our country from domestic and foreign enemies, we offer the illegal aliens the following deal: We will bring our troops home and help them take back their countries from the talmudic bankers and drug cartels the talmudic bankers empowered so they can return home safely and lead productive lives in their countries. We’ll open our borders to their countries as they open their borders to ours. If they refuse, then we sweep the nation from the Northeast down to the Southwest via the types of roadblocks described above and other measures, deport them, close the borders, restart true diplomatic relations. If they don’t want to open their borders to us in the manner they want us to open our borders to them, we don’t open our borders to them!

After we disempower the oath breakers and empower oath keepers, offer the oath breakers a simple deal: Confess with full disclosure and submit yourself to the prison system for your treason, war crimes, and genocide or suffer the consequence of treason — this is an act of self defense folks, we have the law on our side. Rise up and take back our country peacefully today via existing law or suffer the grave consequences of inaction tomorrow.

And, a condition of taking public office — zero affiliation with secret societies, zero direct affiliation with talmudic bank scams. Secret societies and talmuds have made their mission clear; destroy freedom, destroy the constitution, destroy the United States of America. They cannot be allowed to serve in public office, government, law enforcement, or any banking, period.

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)…


By Smiddywesson

The Constitution of the United States bans arbitrary and vauge laws.
1. Kids, who shreik like banshees, are not a distraction?
2. Nav systems are not a distraction?
3. 200 watt stereo systems are not a distraction?
Ban children from the roadways and I’ll listen to their concept of a perfect world with undistracted drivers. Until then, they can play swivel head, fiddle with their radios, and toy with their dispatch computers and preach to me about everyone, including police, needing to avoid distractions.


By Jim

Never forget the indoctrination part of this. They are getting people used to being stopped at unconstitutional check points. Making it the norm so when the government slams the hammer down they will be able to restrict your travel even on the roadways. Never get distracted from the over imposing of government on the people. Who cares about the revenue purpose of this, focus on the unconstitutionality of it. They cannot stop you for something that is not a violation of the law. If stopped ask if you have committed a violation. If the answer is no then let them know you will be on your way. Be nice without attitude or you risk a P.O.P arrest. Carry your pocket constitution and bill of rights with you.


By Wisdom

Yet more progressive dysfunction!
Kids in the car, on-star, looking in your rear view mirrors, putting a CD in the slot or changing the radio station, singing in your car, and even a passenger conversation can be a distraction. Heck, have you seen the inside of a Police car? There are more distractions in there than anything else on the road.

Just hammer drivers for tail gating, so little distractions don’t cause accidents, and so $50.00 tickets will fill pot holes. “Drivers education” also does very little for actual driving skill. Not many people know how to correct their car if it get a tad bit out of control.




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