Amazing Story of Healing Asthma with Superfood & Raw Food Diet.

Wausau News

Dear Friends,

I haven’t been on Curezone in a long, long time, but I feel compelled to offer this amazing story of healing asthma with Superfood & a raw food diet. I hope y’all will pass this story along to your asthmatic friends.

My best friend Linda is 53 & has had severe asthma since she was a 12 year old girl. She personally believes the onset was triggered by the divorce of her parents. Her dad was alcoholic and abusive. Her dad died 3 years ago, and she thinks maybe she was finally able to lay that part of her life to rest and move on. That’s just theory, but I offer it as a heads up to those of you who might be trying to help people with asthma.

Linda’s motivation for change came when she hit 300 lbs. on the scale. She also had alarmingly high blood…

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