Anal Cancer, Skin Cancer, and Debilitating Pain all Healed with Cannabis Oil (Corrie Yelland)

Wausau News

Corrie Yelland describes below the various health issues that she has suffered from including  3 cancers, and debilitating pain following open heart surgery.  The first diagnosis of cancer occurred over 30 years ago when she was only 28 and was told that she had cancer of the vulva.   She was given the option of having radical surgery or to have an experimental chemotherapy treatment.  She chose to have the experimental treatment which she recollects in the video below as “a horrific nightmare.”

Corrie later developed 2 spots of skin cancer, and then was told in July of 2011 that she had squamous cell carcinoma of the anus.  Her doctor told her that without treatment she had only 2- 4 months to live, but Corrie researched and then found information on cannabis oil and was able to heal them all.

Her Testimonial- In May of 2007, I had a heart attack…

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