Asthmas Cured , Reversed with Raw Food

Wausau News

by Roe Gallo, M.A. 

More and more babies, children and adults are suffering from asthma. More than 17 million Americans have asthma.
The number of cases increased by 75% between 1980-1999; it continues to increase. According to the just-released
report from the Pew Environmental health Commission at Johns Hopkins School of Public health, “America is in the
middle of an asthma epidemic–an epidemic that’s getting worse, not better.”

What is asthma? The word asthma originates from an ancient Greek word meaning panting. Essentially, asthma is an
inability to exhale. When you inhale, you breathe oxygen into your lungs through progressively smaller airways called
bronchioles. Your lungs contain millions of bronchioles, all leading to alveoli: microscopic sacs where oxygen and
carbon dioxide are exchanged. Once the exchange is made, you breathe out carbon dioxide. While inhaling oxygen,
you are also breathing in other airborne particles, which I’ll refer to as “irritants.”…

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