Breast Cancer, Stage 4, Healed with Raw Food and Natural Therapies (Doris Sokosh)

Wausau News

“A healthy body with a healthy immune system will automatically reject any foreign materials such as cancer from the body’s system.” Ruth Sackman, from the documentary  Rethinking Cancer

Back in 1975, at the age of 38, Doris Sokosh was on her death bed.  Her doctors had diagnosed her with breast cancer in 1971, and now they told her there was nothing more that they could offer her.

For her treatments Doris had endured 7 operations including a radical mastectomy, the removal of her uterus, and 4 skin grafts from her thigh in an attempt to relocate skin from her leg up to her chest area.   Sokosh said.  “The skin was unreal, the way they took the skin from my leg and it would burn and at the same time my chest would bleed and I was in such pain.  I lived on pills that helped with the pain.”  She also had…

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