Broccoli as a Medicine: Why You Should Be Growing Broccoli Sprouts

Wausau News

There may not be a single vegetable or fruit that is unhealthy for you. Though there are always some pros and cons (especially when considering specific situations), these nearly-perfect foods are natural whole solutions for better health. Among these plant-foods, there are some that stand out above the rest—being at the pinnacle of healthful foods. While most people recognize blueberries, garlic, and kale as a few of these “superfoods”, broccoli sprouts have earned their place at the top as well.

Numerous studies have linked a compound found within broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts to a wide variety of health benefits. The compound, sulforaphane, has been shown to fight cancer, arthritis, and heart disease. And while it’s found in these cruciferous vegetables, it’s most concentrated in broccoli sprouts.

Most recently, a group of researchers at University of East Anglia have started human trials on sulforaphane and the treatment of osteoarthritis

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