Colon Cancer- Stage 3, Healed with Cannabis Oil (Lindsey Martin)

Wausau News

I first chatted with Lindsey in an alternative health forum back in November of 2012. She had used cannabis oil to successfully cure her stage 3 colon cancer, but then had a major health set-back this past year (2013) and was told that her cancer had returned. She found out recently that she was actually suffering from a severe, undiagnosed infection resulting from a botched surgical procedure that she had prior to using cannabis oil.  This is her testimonial.

My name is Lindsey and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. On the 12th August 2011 my life changed forever.  I had been to the doctor three times complaining about pain in my lower abdomen.  He did the usual urine and blood test and announced it was a bladder infection. However weeks of antibiotics later I was sicker than ever.  One morning I woke with the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced. …

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