Curing Cervical Cancer Through Raw Vegan Diet and Meditation

Wausau News

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women and almost 4,000 cases were fatal just last year. Conventional treatments for cervical cancer include chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, hysterectomies, or the removal of lymph nodes and ovaries. Treatments like this often leave the woman infertile.

When Amanda Deming was diagnosed with cervical cancer she was determined to cure herself naturally through a raw vegan diet, meditation, and yoga. Without any conventional treatment she is now cancer-free.

Allison: A pap smear revealed you had cervical cancer. What did you do first?

Amanda: When I found out that I had cervical cancer, I went to the doctor to get more information about it. The doctor said that sometimes our bodies can cure ourselves through nutrition or meditation. But he was still open to giving me the procedure.

Allison: What kind of procedure?

Amanda: Basically they would numb your cervix, and they would…

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