DAVE THE RAW FOOD TRUCKER, BILL BARLOW, DAN MCDONALD – Huge Weight Loss – Fresh Raw Green Juice Recipe – Cancer, Diabetes Cured

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LATEST UPDATE 1/28/2012 :

In 2009 and 2010, Dave the Raw Food Trucker claims to have experienced cancer remission, relief from kidney complications and diabetes recovery using the ” target=”_blank”>”rainbow diet” nutritional program created by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Dave lost almost 200 pounds and was able to return to work.

In 2011, Dave the Raw Food Trucker suffered a heart attack.

Now, in 2012, Dave has recovered from his heart attack and is once again promoting a mostly raw lifestyle. He claims that he will be coming out with a book within the next two years and will have products, services and more information at that time.

The videos below of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dave’s inspiration, may help explain and illustrate the diet Dave used. Thousands of people have overcome diabetes with Dr. Cousens’ special diet and now live a medication free life.

Another great benefit of Dr. Cousen’s diet…

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