Dr.Andrew Saul(Food Matters) breaks down The Gerson Therapy Cancer Cure

Wausau News

The Gerson Therapy , by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, DPM (2001)
NY: Kensington Publishing Corp. ISBN 1-57566-628-6 (Trade paperback, 371 pages, plus appendixes and index.)

It has been said that more people live off cancer than die from it. The Gerson Therapy is a book that can put a stop to this travesty. Here is a very practical, highly detailed guide to the intensive nutritional treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases that many would consider to have been impossible to obtain. But thanks to the work of Max Gerson, M.D., and his daughter, author Charlotte Gerson, this knowledge is readily available for all who need it.

Max Gerson cured cancer. He did so with a strict fat-free, salt-free, low-protein, essentially vegetarian dietary regimen, based on great quantities of fresh vegetable juice, supplements, and systemic detoxification. Ms. Gerson explains:

“Dr. Gerson found that the underlying problems of all cancer patients are toxicity and…

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