Drinking Milk Does Not Boost Your Bone Health After All

Wausau News

Duh it causes cancer, acidity, high blood pressure, fat, sticky stuff call plaque that causes heart attacks, strokes, has a bunch of blood and puss in it,  also pulls the calcium and other minerals from your toxic body, and its from A COW — Why not try some monkey milk, or how about some cat milk.    Now, Organic Almond Milk or Coconut Milk is the complete opposite story.  Food For Thought.


Milk has long been touted as the best food to consume for bone health. The combination of calcium and vitamin D in milk is potent, but not necessarily for your bones.

In fact, recent findings from Harvard Medical School shed new light on the “drink milk” campaign, suggesting that drinking milk has nothing to do with bone health.

Calcium And Bone Health

Calcium is the nutrient that plays the most crucial role in maintaining healthy bones. Without…

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