Essiac Tea Cures Wife’s Leukemia and a Cat’s Bone Cancer!

Wausau News

My first cancer experience was with wife number two. She was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia in 1997. She was terrified having watched her mother and aunt both die of cancer. She was told that chemotherapy was “the only hope” she had.

I had this feeling that there MUST be something “out there” that could work. I started to surf the web for days researching and cross referencing stuff and finally found a Native Canadian herbal cure that seemed the best. It was called ESSIAC. The documentation was great the testimonials were good. I decided to try it. My ex was all for it rather than risk chemotherapy.

I bought the herbal tea and brewed it according to directions and gave her 4 ounces three times a day.  We gradually increased the dosage to that level over several days as directed.

To be brutally honest, I did not think it…

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