How I’m Conquering Prostate Cancer with GERSON THERAPY

Wausau News

During a routine exam in 2007, the doctor found a nodule on my prostate. I got a biopsy and they found cancer on half of my prostate. They wanted to remove or radiate it but they couldn’t guarantee that I would be cancer free.

Afterwards, I spoke to my friend Allison. She told me about how she did the Gerson Therapy 25 years ago. When she described the rigorousness of the Therapy, I didn’t think I could do it. So I bought books on healing from cancer, fasted, changed my diet and took supplements. I also did cryotherapy, a treatment in which they froze the half of my prostate that had cancer in order to kill the cancerous cells. It took me a year to recover.

The doctors told me to just continue living as if nothing had happened.

Four years later…

In 2011, I got another biopsy and they…

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