Lady cures acne,constipation,fat,hormone issues, improves eyesight with Raw Food

Wausau News

Hello and thank you for this great opportunity! I’m 28, proudly South-African and my hometown is Jozi Gauteng.

Currently I am working part time as a business process analyst in the mining sector, and recently graduated with a BCom Informatics degree.

I am currently passionately working on also doing lifestyle coaching and giving vegan health talks in my free time, making low fat raw vegan and fruitarian recipes and I love writing / blogging; I paint sometimes and love the outdoors.

Getting out in nature, body boarding, indoor rock climbing, sunbathing, hiking, and swimming are some of my favourite things.  Currently I’m doing boot camp exercises to get fit and in shape fast!

I have now been married for almost 5 years. My husband Janus is also vegan. He is 90% on fruit and 10% on cooked healthy vegan meals.

Raw Food Diet Health Success Story – Below: Jules and…

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