Man overcomes life of addiction with juicing

Wausau News

(NaturalNews) Quentin Vennie lived a life of addiction. “I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at 14, became a smoker at 22, survived a Vicodin overdose at 28 and beat a two-year addiction to anti-anxiety medication,” says Vennie. In one study, 53% of people admitted to an addiction unit were dependent on Vicodin, which is the pain treatment Vennie overdosed on.

However, today, Vennie is a New York City-based Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. He overcame his addictions and disorders thanks to the powerful effects of juicing. “These days,” he says, “I no longer look for medications to heal me, I use food for that.”

In fact, when he received an email asking what one thing he recommends to alleviate depression, anxiety and addiction, he responded, “Juicing.” His healthier lifestyle and dramatic shift away from his struggles have led to coverage in popular media outlets including the 

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