On the ‘right to hunt’ by a Native American vegan

Wausau News

Europeans and immigrants believe that meat is a critical part of the human diet, but ancient Native Americans had a much more varied diet.  Linda Fisher  believes her American Indian ancestors would say it’s time to stop the suffering and the killing.

14 August 2011

Amid my large colorful paintings and hundreds of nonhuman animal photographs, hangs a small black-and white photograph—carefully placed in a shrine-like niche. This picture of Chief Seattle is the focus of my studio.

Being part Ojibway and Cherokee, I attend powwows and other Native American functions and proudly wear my inherited Ojibway beaded jewelry.

But as I become lost in the hypnotic and joyful sounds of drumming, I cannot ignore the uneasy feeling that consumes me as I glance around: Hundreds of leather goods, feathers, and trinkets made of nonhuman animals’ bodies—bear claws, cougar teeth, turtle shells, and whalebones—surround me, all in the name of…

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