Ovarian Cancer Cured Emilinating Meat, Dairy, and Replace with Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Wausau News

“If you are diagnosed with cancer, you need to change; you need to do something so radically different that you’ve never done before so that your condition will change.”Evita Ramparte

It was in January of 2001 when Evita Ramparte learned that she had ovarian cancer.  Although she lived in Poland at the time, she says that much of the food that she was consuming was processed- similar to that of the standard American diet. She says that she was overweight, felt chronically depressed, and suffered from severe acne.  She says that she knew nothing about nutrition or that eating toxic foods could affect her body in such a negative way.

Evita’s journey began when she had a chance meeting with a spiritual healer who recognized that she was very ill and recommended that she be seen by a doctor. This healer also gave her information on various detox methods such…

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