Parent choose Raw Food to Cures Son’s Asthma

Wausau News

A brave couple have cured their child’s asthma by going onto juicing and natural foods.This astonishing and awesome miracle was done without any of the chemical rubbish being spawned by big pharma and their cohorts.

In fact the child was already on this chemical cosh supplied by big phama and the child was getting worse and one day her child body went limp!

the child mother i quote said:-

“Then, every parent’s worst fear came true the day Desiree suddenly went limp, and her mother was unable to find a pulse. “That moment,” her mother says, “showed me that medications weren’t helping, but making her worse.”….

…..Desiree went 100% raw and began juicing. Her mother says, “[F]rom day one, she has not had another asthma attack. She has not had another seizure…. She’s had no asthma-related problems since then.” Her mother also explains that, when Desiree had a non-asthma-related hospital…

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