Raw Food,Green Smoothies, Budwig, and Essiac: Cortney’s Lymphoma Survival Story

Wausau News

This is an excerpt from a phone interview I did with Cortney Campbell, blogger at  GreenDrinkDiaries.com  and natural lymphoma survivor.
It has been transcribed and the boring parts edited out to improve your reading experience.  (The boring parts were mostly me)

CHRIS WARK: Hey everybody, today I have the pleasure of speaking with Cortney Campbell. So I want to give a little bit of history here. You sent me a message through the blog and gave me your story, and I thought it was so great that I asked you if we could do an interview. And you said yes, so here we are!

So tell me a little bit about the circumstances around when you found out you had cancer; your symptoms, etc.

CORTNEY CAMPBELL: Sure. Well, I had cancer in my family, my mom’s identical twin sister had Hodgkin’s disease when she was a teenager.

When I graduated from…

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