Replacing Chemical Pesticides With Natural Anti-Pest Vegetable Oils

Wausau News

An Israeli agro-tech company has come up with a novel solution to diminish the use of chemical pesticideson fruits and vegetables: Spray them with pest-fighting vegetable oils!

Tamar-Tech, by the company Agro Shelef, is a plant pest control system that consists of a blend of oils that contain natural plant protecting elements. These emulsions are sprayed on agricultural plants in greenhouses or in fields.


“We use the natural pest-fighting ability of plants to create Tamar-Tech,” Founder Almog Yaish tells NoCamels. “To take an extreme for example, peaches contain cyanide in their pits. This is because they [have evolved] to protect themselves against threats such as squirrels. So too do other plants and fruits also contain many different ways to block their ‘enemies.’”

Reducing chemicals by up to 80 percent

“We basically collected a lot of different oils and chemicals like this from different plants, found out what they each did. Then we created a formula that balances…

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