Vitamin C, Juicing, Non Gmo Vegetables CURE late Stage Melanoma

Wausau News

21 On April 1, 2003 I was diagnosed w/ a late stage 3b, malignant melanoma that had ulcerated and after a sentinal node biopsy they discovered that the cancer was in my lymph nodes.

The doctor, Dr. Chen, after telling me i had 2 years to live- asked if i wanted to join a study for Interleukin-2. I honestly felt like he had just written me off- and now was just trying to make his commission on sending another patient to do a study.

Two months after the initial diagnoses, the oncologists and surgical oncologist and radiologist told me I needed to have a “lymphnode dissection” to see if the cancer was in more of my lymphnodes. The cancer was on my inner thigh, right above my right knee- so they took 16 lymphnodes from the inquinal node area- only to find  the margins were “clear”.

Had I known then what…

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