Woman Cures Herself of oral Herpes goin Raw

Wausau News

Hi Everybody

I just wanted to share my story with you all briefly. Before I went raw I had periodic outbreaks of red itchy bumps around my mouth. My doctor told me it was a virus that could not be cured and lived dormant in the area around my mouth and that outbreaks would be triggered by stress, heat and other things. After I went raw, these itchy bumps flared up basically non-stop for almost 6 months. My Mom told me that I needed to change my diet and blah blah blah….I decided I was really going to stick it out. I can’t stress to you how much of a drag it was living with this for 6 months!! It was a social nightmare. About a month ago I decided to (in addition to being 100% raw) start practicing a healing visualization on a daily basis. I just closed my…

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