Fruitarian Super Athlete Runs 150 Mile Races – On Fruit Alone

Wausau News


On a segment titled “Food For Life” on his show “Sanjay Gupta MD”, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta recently interviewed athlete Michael Arnstein.  Arnstein is an elite endurance athlete who follows a Fruitarian diet and consumes between 25-30 pounds of fruit a day, and little else.  After trying other diets and supplements, Arnstein believes that his fruitarian diet has delivered the best results. In the video, Arnstein mentions that he follows this diet mainly for performance-based reasons, and says that his marathon performance is constantly improving, stating that he feels “almost superhuman.”  He goes on to say that he eats up to 6,000 calories daily, 80-90% of which come from fruits, with the other 10-20% from raw vegetables, and he has only around 3-5% body fat.  He says that he rarely eats nuts and seeds, thus he believes that the best term to refer to his diet is…

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