Dad Gives 2-Year-Old THC Oil to Fight Brain Cancer, Son Now Cured

SPOKANE, Wash. — Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana… To call what the Hyde family has been through a “parent’s worst nightmare” sounds like a horrible cliche. But, it’s hard to imagine what else you could call it. Their two-year-old son Cash was diagnosed last year with a stage 4 brain tumor; he nearly died more times than they can count.

He was miserable from the chemotherapy coursing through his body until his dad made a controversial decision to give cannabis to his young son.

June 21, 2008 is a day Mike and Kalli Hyde will never forget. It was the day they brought their second son into the world. Mike describes the little boy they call Cashy as a healthy baby boy, born in Missoula. Never could they have imagined the journey little Cashy’s life would take.

“He was just your average happy little kid,” said Mike. “Then, he started to get to get sick.” That was shortly before Cashy’s second birthday.

“He started being very tired, sleeping a lot, cranky, he started throwing up,” Mike explained. “We took him to the doctor and the doctor would tell us he had mono.”

For six weeks, it was the same diagnosis over and over. But, Mike refused to accept what doctors were telling him. He knew, like any parent would, that something was terribly wrong.

“I was like, ‘he’s dying in my arms, we need to take him somewhere else’. So, we took him to the ER. That’s when they did a CAT scan and found the 4.5 cm tumor on his brain.”

Within hours of arriving at the ER, the Hydes were on their way to Salt Lake City. At Primary Children’s Hospital, they got the devastating news: brain surgery revealed a PNET tumor, wrapped around Cashy’s optic nerve.

“When we arrived in Salt Lake in May, Cashy was so sick, his eye was starting to get pushed out,” Mike explained. “He was sleeping 16-18 hours a day, he was vomiting. He was pretty much as sick as you can get without being on your deathbed.”




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