Jesse Cures POLIO with Raw Food

Wausau News


Jesse Bogdanovich, 36, is a raw vegan pioneer and world-renowned expert. He went 100 percent raw vegan overnight more than 15 years ago. Jesse has more than eight years of experience in supporting people in overcoming physical and emotional health challenges of all kinds, including very serious ones. He has overcome all kinds of physical and emotional challenges himself. An allergic reaction to a vaccine turned him from a healthy baby into a very sick one. This led to many years of disability and ill health until he discovered water fasting, but only when he found the raw vegan diet at 21 years old did he became really healthy and truly happy.

Because of acute health challenges he had gone through, Jesse has been inspired to uncover all things that bring us into disharmony with nature. In his opinion, there is no need to reinvent anything but just to follow nature’s path…

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