Eat more spearmint for better health


(NaturalNews) Spearmint has long been a popular addition to a number of different products that are designed to care for the body. Well-known for its minty taste and the fresh feeling it gives a person, spearmint also offers health benefits beyond a pleasant taste. This herb is commonly found in a variety of different products such as cosmetics, mouthwashes, health food products and toothpastes.

Though it is similar to peppermint, spearmint does not contain as much menthol. This gives it a milder flavor and aroma that results in a broad appeal for the herb. Spearmint also contains ample amounts of cineol, limonene and dihydrocarvone. These compounds help give spearmint its healing properties that confer health benefits for the people who consume products containing the herb, including spearmint tea.

Using spearmint to treat digestive issues

Spearmint has been shown to be effective at treating a number of digestive disorders. One way it accomplishes this is by relaxing the stomach muscles. This could help treat conditions such as nausea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), indigestion and diarrhea, as well as other common digestive concerns. This was the conclusion reached according to a review of the effects of spearmint tea that was recently published in Phytotherapy Research.

Spearmint to reduce inflammation

There has been promising research results in using spearmint to treat conditions such as sore throats, that often result in inflammation and swelling. Spearmint has also proved promising in reducing inflammation in the respiratory tract. Some people have experienced relief from swelling when spearmint was applied directly to their mouths. In other cases, spearmint was shown to offer relief from the common cold, toothaches, headaches and cramps.

Abnormal hair growth and spearmint

A condition in which abnormal hair growth is seen on the stomach, face and breasts of women is called hirutism. Understandably, this condition can cause great stress for those women who suffer from it. A study published in Phytotherapry Research showed that there are promising results for those participants who drank two cups of spearmint tea per day for five days. The spearmint tea reduced the amount of androgens that were present in the bodies of these women. Androgens are those hormones in the body that prompt the body to exhibit primarily masculine traits, such as facial hair.

Spearmint lends itself greatly to spawning hybrid versions. Some of the more illustrious versions include ginger spearmint, pineapple spearmint, corn mint and Japanese mint. An interesting note about this versatile herb is that almost every part of the plant has been had some medicnial use, either in a traditional sense or for more modern uses.

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