Raw Vegan Elderly Couple Runs Daily Marathon and Cured Cancer

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They’re in their 60s, but an impressively fit couple completed their regime of running a marathon every day throughout 2013, reported ABC News on Jan. 1. They credit their raw food vegan diet for their health and energy.

Janette Murray-Wakelin, 64, and Alan Murray, 68, completed their 365th consecutive marathon on Dec. 31 in Melbourne, surrounded by kids and grandkids.

“We were quite overwhelmed with such a wonderful welcome,” they wrote on their Web site, Running Raw.

And after completing their journey, they feel that they “are healthier, more physically fit and have unlimited energy at beyond 60 years of age than in our earlier years.”

So how do they power themselves? As an example, they report that their New Year’s Eve marathon included a “banana break” and a “green smoothie.”

A typical day in their diet, reported the Sydney Morning Herald on Dec. 31

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The miracle plant of immortality

Aloe-Vera (1)

(NaturalNews) Ancient Egyptians dubbed aloe vera the “plant of immortality”. You may have used aloe vera already if you’ve ever experienced a bad sunburn; it’s the clear green goop that is commonly found in nearly every pharmacy aisle. The earliest recorded use of aloe vera by humans goes back to 16th century B.C. While it’s great for healing sunburned skin, there are so many more uses you should know about.

Healing from the inside out

Aloe vera can be a powerful healing agent when taken internally. It can soothe and repair intestinal tissue that is damaged. Stomach ulcers can also be soothed and repaired with aloe. An aloe remedy should also be considered if there are inflammation issues in the digestive and/or intestinal system.

Here are some internal ailments that aloe can help remedy:

Stomach ulcers
Intestinal ulcers
Ulcerative colitis
Kidney stones

Juicing with aloe

Prepare raw aloe vera leaves by using a knife to cut off the hard outer layer of skin and discarding it. Take the gel and translucent flesh of the aloe vera leaf and blend it with a fresh squeezed juice of your choice such as orange or pineapple. Drink this first thing in the morning before breakfast. This is a great way to introduce kids to aloe because it doesn’t really have a taste to it. The rind of the aloe leaf does contain laxative properties so be sure to use with caution should you decide to incorporate it into your morning juice.

Fresh aloe gel

Slicing an aloe vera leaf open lets out a clear to yellowish gel. This gel can be saved when preparing the aloe for consumption. Save it in a small tupperware container by itself. This gel has a runny consistency to it and has a plethora of positive health benefits. Keep the gel refrigerated to extend it’s life. Also, remember to use a clean cosmetic spatula instead of dipping your fingers in the container to avoid contamination.

Aloe skin benefits

Use it as a moisturizing face gel every morning to help smooth wrinkles. It can also help erase dark spots and even out your skin tone. This gel is especially helpful for small trouble spots such as pimples and other small blemishes. Just dab a bit on the troubled area three times a day until the blemish disappears.

This clear gel works wonders for acne sufferers. The gel can be used as a moisturizer. The aloe vera flesh, when used as a remedy, has the ability to draw out toxins from the skin, such as those from an insect bite or from acne. For severe acne, use the entire flesh of the aloe as opposed to just the gel. Place a slab of aloe, with the exposed side down, on the affected area and leave for at least one hour up to overnight. This technique works best for treating most skin conditions with aloe.

Aloe can help remedy the following skin conditions:
Cold sores
Diaper rash
Bug bites
Dry skin

Click here for more on aloe vera and aloe vera natural remedies written by the author, Jeanette Padilla.

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Woman cures Fibromyalgia pain with raw food diet



By Raw Michelle

(NaturalNews) There was a time when Stacy Stowers tried to fight her debilitating fibromyalgia and chronic pain with a daily combination of coffee, sleeping pills and alcohol. “I couldn’t get out of bed or get dressed,” Stowers says. “Eventually my teeth started to fall out.” She lived with such pain and an unhealthy lifestyle for nearly 20 years.

Flash forward to today, and Stowers is a vibrant woman. She beat fibromyalgia pain and has been healthy since 2007.

Her secret? Raw foods.

She was introduced to raw foods in 2007 and says that after just 10 days, she stared to feel so good, she was able to get out of bed. These days, she spreads the word about the power raw foods and has authored the book, “Eat Raw, Not Cooked.”

The healing powers of a raw food diet

“There are two basic reasons why raw food heals,” she says. “One is the live enzymes. Our body has all these metabolic enzymes that keep us young, and digestive enzymes that you find in raw real foods. When we kill the natural digestive enzymes with cooking, our metabolic enzymes that are healing us and keeping our skin healthful have to stop what they’re doing and work on digestion.”

She explains that the other reason raw foods heal is because they keep the body’s acid/alkaline levels balanced; an acidic body is riddled with the harmful effects of bad foods, ongoing stress and pollution. Raw foods make the body more alkaline.

fruit 333

Busting the raw food diet myths

She also busts the notion that many raw food newcomers or even raw food naysayers think, which is that the choices don’t provide a nutritional variety. Clearly she begs to differ, as does raw food guru David Wolfe.

Wolf says, “You can’t be eating food that makes you feel terrible. That’s what’s great about raw food. Sure, not everybody should be eating massive amounts of lettuce or kale, but if you look at what’s out there, all these different categories — fruits and different vegetables, nuts and seeds, seaweed, wheat grass, superfoods, sprouts, and kimchis and sauerkrauts — it’s just unbelievable the choices we have before us.”

Another raw food myth is that food is always eaten cold. Raw foods can be “warmed” by serving them at room temperature, adding warming spices and even heating at temperatures below 118 degrees.

Others fight the notion that raw foods are costly, arguing that so too, are junk foods and meats. They stress that well-planned raw meals can fit a variety of budgets.

Stowers plans to keep the lifestyle going. “The only thing hurting on me were my smile muscles, because I couldn’t stop smiling,” Stowers says. “I had my life back after 17 years.”

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