At American Majority, we are doers. We know that our broken political system can only be repaired if
people are willing to stop simply talking and do something to fix it. We are hard at work equipping people to take action, organize and win elections. With the New Leaders Project, we specifically ask people, you, to work at changing your local government by finding and electing new leaders.

One of the issues affecting communities across the nation is the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Opposition to the CCSS has grown significantly in 2013. Several states have de-funded implementation and made other attempts to back away from CCSS. In Wisconsin, local school boards are now leading efforts to push back against federal intervention in the local education system. Two weeks ago, the Germantown School Board became the first in Wisconsin to oppose the adoption of CCSS.

Brian Medved, a local father of four, was one of the Germantown School Board Members who voted to stop Common Core. Brian was just elected this past April to the School Board, and is a great example of a
parent stepping forward to improve his community.

Brian says he was frustrated by the state of politics today and “made the choice that I would no longer stand by and do nothing- I chose to do something.” First Brian sought to find other people who could become candidates for school board- but with encouragement from our partner Ed Willing, Executive Director of Founder’s Intent, Brian said, “[I] finally decided to get myself on the School Board to help them and see just what we could accomplish with some common sense policies.”

Despite being a first time candidate, Brian was able to get 61% of the vote for school board using the knowledge and practical advice he received through American Majority’s New Leaders campaign training. He was elected to a three year term.

In his first year on the School Board, Brian has faced plenty of challenges. He says “working within the rules and the never ending bureaucracy can be frustrating and things never seem to move fast enough for me, but with some persistence, major victories can take place.” The “home run” his School Board hit in stopping Common Core was significant. He says, the work can be tedious, “but the rewards far outweigh the struggles.”

Brian challenges us all to step forward to do our part. “I would encourage anyone that was feeling the way I was to get involved,” he says, “you do not have to be the one that gets elected, but you sure can do your part to get the right ones elected to your local Boards.”

You can read more about what Brian did to stop Common Core in his own words. Join the New Leaders Project and start finding new leaders for your community.


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