Cured by Raw Food

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These people have all cured their incurable diseases, like Cancer, Polio, MS,  Meningitis, Obesity, etc with a Raw Vegan Diet.  Once the body gets the nutrition it needs, everything changes.  Most of these testimonials include a Video or written testimonial.  Have a rawsome life!

Rick Cures Stage 4 Lymphoma


Jesse Cures His Polio

jesse cure polio raw food

Trucker Cures His Colon Cancer and Diabetes in 6 months

raw food trucker

Dr.Sandra Cures Her Stage 3 Throat Cancer


Kay Cures Pancreatic Cancer


Angela Stokes Cures Her Morbid Obesity


Raw Foods and Juicing Cures Little Boy of Asthma

Ralph Cures His Cancer By Juicing Organic Carrot Juice


Lady Cures Her Crohn’s Disease with Raw Cannabis Oil


ad fall ride

Man Cures His Sub Clinical Hypothyroidism


Woman Cures Her POCS Poly Cystic Syndrome

pcos 2

Teenager Cures Terminal Brain Cancer


Amanda Cures Congestive Heart Failure, Anemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and ITP


Man Cures His Stage 4 Hotchkins Disease


Freelee Cures Her Asthma and Allergies


Woman Cures Her Uterine Cancer

Evita Cures Her Ovarian Cancer

6 Diabetics Cured in 30 days

Author Ann Cameron Cures Her Cancer with Organic Carrot Juice

Malik Cures His MS, Multiple Sclerosis 

Tyson Cures His Type 1 Diabetes


How I Cured My Hypothyroidism

Rosemary Cures Her MS and 200 lbs !

Girl Cures Asthma

Man Cures his MS in 4 months

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Woman Cures Her Kidney Disease

Woman Cures Her Asthma Stricken Child

Bibi Cures Her Diabetes (2) in Two Weeks

Florida Woman Cures 4 lb. Brain Tumor

Lymes Disease Symptoms Gone in 10 Days

Rick Simpson Cures His Cancer with a “Special” Vegetable Oil

John Cures His Spinal Meningitis

Man Cures His AIDS in 3 weeks – Doctor Says “Don’t Tell My Other Patients.”

Debbie Cures Her Ulcerative Colitis

Lady Cures Her POCS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome)

Woman Cures Crohns Disease

ad fall ride

Margaret Cures Her Lupus

Elaine Cures Mouth Cancer

Amanda Cures Lyme Disease, Hypothyroidism and Colitis

Jim Cures Melanoma in 3 months

Breast and Ovarian Cysts Cured

Chuck Cures His Epilepsy, Bi-Polar, and Depression

Emily Cures Her Rheumatoid Arthritis

Lady Cures Her Cervical Cancer

64 Year Old Cures her Breast Cancer, Now Runs a Marathon Everyday

6 Year Old Stop 300 seizures a week with Cannabis Oil

Woman Cures Fibromyalgia

157 Pictures of People who cured their Obesity- Before and Afters

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